Falling in Love While Working From Home, a pandemic romance—New Episodes 2020

Help me finish my story. Chemistry is brewing between JESSICA and DAN, co-workers who have never met. Can they fall in love via videoconference? Help them find love and happiness while WFH during the covid-19 pandemic. A new chapter every Wednesday. New chapters now post here.

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Tuesday Dec 08, 2020

In the final chapter of my #pandemic #romance, FALLING IN LOVE WHILE WORKING FROM HOME, it's the day of the first rocket launch since the Space Shuttle. A hopeful sign in pandemic times. Just as hopeful, two couples and a little girl step into a future that seems to glow with love.
The entire novel, both printed and audio, is accessible through https://maryktilghmanwrites.com.

Monday Nov 30, 2020

In the next to last installment of FALLING IN LOVE WHILE WORKING FROM HOME, it's a warm May day, and it appears the world is reopening after a dreary covid-19 lockdown. Hanna takes Lori to play in the park and Jess makes her way to see Dan, saving a cat on her way to her first kiss with Dan.#whatcomesnext

Tuesday Nov 24, 2020

The city is opening up after weeks of coronavirus shut-down. When Dan, his dog Rex out for a walk, his adopted cat escapes and runs straight into the arms of Jessica, who is on her way to check on him. After returning the cat to the house Dan takes Jessica and Rex to a cafe. Jessica's daughter Lori is already there with Jessica's friend Hanna. 
It feels weird to be outside again with other people. But with Jessica holding his hand, if feels wonderful, too. 

Tuesday Nov 17, 2020

In the next installment of FALLING IN LOVE WHILE WORKING FROM HOME, Hanna stops by to take Lori out so Jessica can visit Dan. Jessica tells her friend, she’s feeling bad not because she’s angry at Dan but because she misses him.

Tuesday Nov 10, 2020

The symptoms may—or may not—be covid-19. Dan is not only feeling lousy physically, though. He's missing Jessica and his conscience is making him feel guilty and stupid. If that's not enough, and it is, his dog and new cat are driving him crazy.

Friday Oct 30, 2020

Jess takes to baking sourdough to cope with the #pandemic lockdown and her fractured relationship with Dan. From my pandemic romance, Falling in Love While Working from Home.

Tuesday Oct 27, 2020

Next in my #pandemic #romance, Falling in Love While Working From Home.Chapter 23—Dan: Not so welcome. Workiing from home during a pandemic has its own problems, Dan discovers. His dog Rex and Monster, the newcomer cat, look very guilty. Jess marks a lonely MothersDay#whathappensnext

Chapter 22—Dan:Ghosted

Tuesday Oct 20, 2020

Tuesday Oct 20, 2020

Animal lovers, this chapter's for you--
Still feeling guilty that he let it slip in the virtual newsroom that Jessica has a daughter Lori, Dan learns that Jessica is not only angry but not speaking to him, answering his texts or phone calls. Distressed, he takes Rex for a walk and mulls over his chances with Jessica. He’s interrupted when Rex leads him down a side street where they find a lost kitten.

Wednesday Oct 14, 2020

While Jess and Rashima discuss a story they are working on, Rashima reveals she knows Jessica has a daughter. Dan blurted it out without thinking during an earlier call. While Jessica is worrying about whether she can trust Dan ever again, Rashima warns her about Claire’s poor people managerial skills.

Chapter 20—Dan: What'd I Miss?

Wednesday Oct 07, 2020

Wednesday Oct 07, 2020

Waking up after two days of illness, Dan learns about Colin's visit and retreats from romantic thoughts with Jessica, thinking she’s reuniting with Lori’s father. Maybe that's what Lori needs, he thinks. All Jessica feels, though, is hurt. From my #pandemic #romance, Falling in Love While Working From Home.

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